Prada by A&A

What if Prada had a new soda or a new vacuum? The idea of this project was to create a promotional video without showing what the actual product was. Additionally, we needed to show Prada's Branding codes. In this case, we went with surrealism, fun, nd random.
This is.a project for Film Language at Penninghen in the Art Direction program.

Collaboration with Anais Berger


After a dedicated study of the brand Prada, we defined a rather surrealistic branding (we based our study mostly in recent advertising videos and the “real fantasies” by Prada, the postman Dream, The battlefield, Candy Kiss and Candy Cosmos). The ads are often inspired by the imaginary of childhood fantasy, using a lot of bright colours, playing around with accumulations and surreal universe.

When deciding how we were going to bring surrealism into the videos, we decided to go with the accumulation of luxury objects. We discuss the scenario and we created a series of storyboards that defined our idea. In video #1 we had a vacuum, with a knolling of carefully illustrated Prada objects, each of the objects was drawn separately and then put together in a family big art board in illustrator. Anais was in charge of the illustration while I was in charge of the animation of the video as well as the oversight of transitions. In video #2, a soda. This was a very complex video to conceptualize, how do you make a soda look like something from Prada without showing a can? we solved the issue by making neon colour fruit illustrations that then transform into bubbles.