Passport Cinema (2013- 2016) 

I was in charge of this printed editorial piece for 3 years. It run every four months. It was a big challenge to change the format to half-letter, and to clean up the layout. Scroll down to see an example of one of the previous designs, as well as the calendar that accompanied the printed magazine.

The re-design was a long process that took a few years for me to accomplished. People in the company were accustomed to the design of a small leaflet that was set at 6pt (Yes, unreadable) and then put in a beige background. My first step towards change was to convince the people of CineTFO that the text set at 6pt was possibly the worst idea on earth. After years and years of small changes and justifiable reasons for change, in 2016 we accomplished a decent magazine. Here are some of the examples of 2014, the size was changed from a 1/4 letter to half, the pages breathe a bit more, and though the beige was embedded in their taste, I did my best to have a few pages with a white background.