Awards and distinctions

Swash & Serif 6

Toronto My Love | exhibition at Northern Contemporary (August 1-7 2019)
See the work here

Show us your Type

LAFFF EXHIBITION 2018: SUYT launched a gif animated contest to create Los Angeles artworks together with LA Fashion Film Festival to bring a special instalment of a global typography initiative.
See the LA Animated .gif here

Typodarium 2018

Luz typeface | Monday, May 28

Promax BDA - Local Awards 2014

Passeport Cinéma, CineTFO Print (editorial design). Bronze

PromaxBDA North America

Promotion, Marketing & Design | Awarded to TFO Group media
Annual Report 2013-2014 Print (editorial design). Bronze

Applied Arts Canada: Editorial Design

Student Awards 2012 | Thesis Book, November 2012 issue


ICI Radio Canada (CBC)

Enfin Samedi with Claudia Hébert | August 10, 2019


Typeface Design Basics: From Paper to Screen

RGD Webinars (Register Graphic Designers of Canada)
Thursday, August 15, 2019