JUNGLE - A mural for Toronto

This mural was painted for the BellBoxMural Project. It is located in the heart of Toronto, on College St. between St.George st. and McCaul St.

Hear the interview I did for ICI-Radio Canada (CBC) about this piece, visit https://ici.radio-canada.ca/premiere/emissions/enfin-samedi (The interview is in French)

The story of this mural: Back in April, I was feeling a bit blue after our beautiful winter months. I decided to take a Skillshare class to practice my painting skills. When presented with the class itself, I decided to go visit the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario. I usually go to the gardens and conservatories around Toronto to feel more grounded and to connect with nature. I love colour and plants, they always inspire me. So after my visit, the sketch came, and then a finished gouache+watercolour piece. I didn't think much of it. Just another sketch in my sketchbook. However, I was invited to apply to the BellBoxMural Project. I decided that the sketch would look fantastic downtown, where there is little to no nature. I put on an application for the Spadina + College area (downtown Toronto). Having been to school in the area, and currently living in it; I thought on the many times I have biked or walked through College st. and thought of how dark it gets (especially in winter).

You can scroll down to see the process. Thanks to Michael Cavanaugh who is the director of Bell Box Mural Project and who gave me this amazing opportunity. I hope that I will do another mural in the future.

This mural is a present for me to Toronto. Toronto my love, my city.


U of T - College St. and McCaul St.

Come and see it yourself!