Beauty is...

This exploration on the visions of beauty is a collab project made with Anaïs Berger. The idea was to study the different perceptions of beauty from people around us. This participatory project asked people to submit their vision of beauty with one image. We asked the question: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about beauty? what is beautiful to you? After compiling all the images and photographing the participants, we then classified the 11 different visions we got. From memorabilia to multiform, participants sent all sorts of images. 

All the images were presented as an exhibition.  At first, our exhibition looked as a simple portrait photography exhibit. However, with the augmented reality there is much more that doesn't meet the eye at first glance. We intended for our exhibition participants to discover on their own the different visions of beauty. We used new technology to integrate print, video and participative design. Our intention was to show that we are all different, and that what is beautiful for some may not be for others. 

Please enjoy some of the photos from the exhibition, the posters, the videos and a few animated .gifs from our exhibition.